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In AGP we offer to the Communities of Owners, an integral service of Property Management. it is developed with rigor, transparency, innovation, and a strong vocation of service and dedication to our clients.

“Perfect functioning of communities”

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In AGP we offer to the Communities of Owners, an integral service of Property Management. it is developed with rigor, transparency, innovation, and a strong vocation of service and dedication to our clients.

Our main objective is to achieve a perfect functioning of the Communities. Its conservation, prevention, maintenance and repair of services and general facilities.

Monitoring and Control for your peace of mind

Information always updated to advise directly, not only to the community, but also to the owner in particular, about subsidies, leases, personnel hiring, rent updates and other actions that affect the Communities.

We streamline the procedures to request aid and subsidies from public entities for the benefit of the Community.

We have a Legal Department with special rates to speed up claims for late payment.

– Customer Support.

– Constant claim for debit balances.

– Regular visits to the Communities.

– Direct collaboration Lawyers and advisors.

services to the owner

– Insurance

– Advantages: agreements with Bank Entities.

– Particular Needs: extra needs that the owners may have, mainly foreigners.

– Energy Efficiency Certificates

– Maintenance and management properties

Accounting Economic Area

  • Billing and updating of the charge, through direct debit of the receipts, that by ordinary or extraordinary fees, establish the Community.
  • Custody of the funds that are in your possession, at the disposal of the Community of Owners.
  • Control, claim and friendly management of collection of receipts pending payment, for any reason.




  • Keep up to date with Community accounting.
  • Control of expenses and preparation of the annual budget.
  • Periodical sending of the corresponding economic information to the accumulated of that period.
  • Execution of agreements adopted by the Board of Owners.

Secretariat and Advisory Area

  • Advice to the Community on Horizontal Property, as many times as required.
  • The preparation and sending of calls to meetings, both ordinary and extraordinary.
  • Attendance at ordinary and extraordinary meetings, raising and signing the minutes of the session as a secretary, transcribing them into the book, and then sending one copy to all the Owners.
  • Writing and sending of any circulars, letters, writings, requests, warnings or written notifications, it is necessary to write and send both to the owners, as well as to suppliers, official organisms, private entities, etc.
  • In charge of the treatment, and custody of the data according to the L.O.P.D.





  • Signing of certificates of the situation of debts, for filing the appropriate legal procedure, for the claim of debts.
  • Signature of certification of the community agreement, for the exercise of the action of cessation, by annoying neighbor.
  • Tenure and update of the data files, both computer and paper support of the Owners that make up the Community, recording changes, both address for purposes of notifications, and changes in ownership of the floors or premises.
  • Keep the calls, communications, powers of attorney and other relevant documents of the meetings for five years.
  • Custody of the visiting book (work) of the Community.

Management and Conservation Area

  • Regular visits from the Administrator to the farm to control and monitor the status of the same.

  • Contracting of new services and supplies, or substitution thereof, according to the agreements in this regard of the Community of Owners, and previously authorized by it.

  • Attention to calls or warnings of breakdowns, establishing what is necessary to resolve the situation, either through the different technical services recommended by the office or through those that the Community designates as their trust.



  • Valuation of the properties for the purpose of contracting the corresponding risk insurance.

  • Follow-up of claims with the insurance company, including reporting to the police acts of theft, vandalism or malicious acts.

  • Administrative control of works, and maintenance works and ordinary maintenance, managing budgets with different suppliers or technicians.